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Why Choose Reclaimed Wood Furniture

"The top 5 reasons to have your furniture built in reclaimed wood"
The green movement that began in 1960-1970 greatly influenced the way we think about our ecosystem and our consumer products. The many environmental disasters our planet has experienced in the past gives us context to the importance of environmental activism. Many people do their part by recycling, conserving energy in their homes, using eco-friendly technologies, investing in renewable energy, reducing waste, and overall, by living an eco-friendly life. Owning furniture made from reclaimed wood is a great way to help our environment by saving trees and reducing our carbon footprint.

What is reclaimed wood and where does it come from?

Reclaimed wood is also commonly referred to as: old wood, restored wood, recycled wood, salvaged wood, re-purposed wood, and reused wood. Any old wood that is salvaged from old structures and re-purposed is considered wood that has been reclaimed. Reclaimed wood is simply wood with a past life that is recycled for a new purpose. Our solid wood furniture at HappyFrog Decor embodies the values from the green movement and emits into your space a natural rustic beauty that connects you to the past. Below are the top 5 reasons why you should have your custom wood furniture built from reclaimed wood.
1. Environmentally friendlyHaving your furniture built from reclaimed wood reduces the demand for newly sourced wood, therefore preserving more trees. The preservation of trees positively impacts our ecosystem and promotes the longevity of our health.

2. Aesthetics The look and feel of reclaimed wood furniture is absolutely stunning and one-of-a-kind. The saw marks, nail holes, knots, and cracks adds distinctive charm and character that is impossible to replicate in a mass production furniture operation. There are no two pieces of furniture that will look exactly the same since each piece comes with its very own beauty marks. Each and every piece of reclaimed wood furniture is truly a work of art and labor of love.

3. Story While we may not know the actual history of the wood, there is a rich sense of the past. Reclaimed wood furniture takes on a whole new level of appreciation and distinctiveness that is unmatched. 

4. Strength and Durability - Reclaimed wood furniture is less likely to warp and split due to the fact that the wood has undergone extreme exposure to the Earth's natural elements. Over the years, wood conditions itself into a fixed static state where it can no longer contract or expand.

5. Joy - Owning solid wood furniture that is rich in history not only adds natural beauty to your new home, it also brings you mental comfort and joy knowing that your new prized treasure assists in the preservation of our environment!