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    • What is the difference between reclaimed wood & new wood?   Reclaimed wood is salvaged wood from old structures that we use to construct our furniture. Building furniture from reclaimed wood is a great eco-friendly choice that positively impacts our environment by decreasing the demand for newly-harvested wood from forests. Each furniture piece that is handcrafted from reclaimed wood is absolutely one-of-a-kind & embodies a sense of history. Reclaimed wood will show natural cracks and tone variations throughout the piece, offering a unique and distinctive beauty. New wood offers a smooth finish without visible marks, maintains color consistency, & is a great choice for paint finishes. New wood is a great choice for a consistent look without all the random beauty marks & tone variation reclaimed wood offers.
    • How long does it take to receive an order once it is placed? Any order that is purchased directly from our site (pull down menu- standard sizes) will take approximately 6-10 weeks to build and 3-7 business days to deliver. Custom orders will take approximately 8-10 weeks to build and 3-7 business days to deliver.
    • Can I expedite my order? Yes, depending on availability of the service. Let us know the latest you need your order by via email. 
    • Is your furniture solid wood? Yes, all of our furniture is constructed from solid pine wood with the exception of the back of our bathroom vanities. The back of the vanities are covered with a thin sheet of plywood for easy removal during installation.
    • Are the bathroom vanity wood tops protected from water damage? Yes, all of our wood tops are protected with polyurethane. We recommend the top be re resealed every 1-2 years for maximum protection.
    • Can I purchase my bathroom vanity without a wood top? Yes! Please email us the vanity name and dimensions you require without the top.
    • Do you offer other tops besides solid wood? Unfortunately we do not, however we plan to in the near future.
    • Do you install the sinks or cut the holes? No we do not. Sink installation and hole cutouts are best done on site to ensure proper placement/alignment.
    • Do you have specification sheets? Yes! Request the specification sheet via email. Please provide the name and size of the furniture piece you require the specifications for.
    • Can I get my furniture build in a different wood other than solid pine wood? Yes! Please email us the wood species you had in mind.
    • Do you accept payment plans?  No. Payment must be made in full in order to process the order and sent out to production.
    • Do you send out stained wood samples? Yes we do! Please email us your shipping address and the finish you would like for us to send you.