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Robertson Reclaimed Wood Desk

Robertson Reclaimed Wood Desk

HappyFrog Decor

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A Fabulous Reclaimed Wood Desk

With this archaic unique design add a modern feel to your study or work. Featuring two large drawers for all desk supplies, from files to writing essentials.The Robertson desk is handmade by our expert artisans in reclaimed wood. A piece that is hand-cut and assembled by the human hand is truly a piece of art that will last for generations! Having this wood desk built in reclaimed wood will not only help save our environment but preserve a sense of history. Become a proud owner of a piece of reclaimed furniture that is absolutely unique!

Product Details

  • Material: Reclaimed solid pine wood.
  • Drawer: 2 drawer.
  • Assembly Required?: No
  • Hardware: Round ring pulls. Can be build without any pulls if requested.
  • Length: 60"
  • Width: 30"
  • Height: 30"
  • Wood Availability: Desk can be built in reclaimed wood or new wood.
  • Finish: Available in medium wax or gray white wash.
  • Free shipping

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