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Absalon Reclaimed Wood Bookshelf

Absalon Reclaimed Wood Bookshelf

HappyFrog Decor

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A Delightful Reclaimed Wood Bookshelf

Owning up to its name, this handsome ladder-shaped bookshelf features four levels of storage space with different trapezoid lengths. The Absalon bookshelf is handmade by our expert artisans in reclaimed wood. A piece that is hand-cut and assembled by the human hand is truly a piece of art that will last for generations! Having this wood bookshelf built in reclaimed wood will not only help save our environment but preserve a sense of history. Become a proud owner of a piece of reclaimed furniture that is absolutely unique!

Product Details

  • Material: Reclaimed solid pine wood.
  • Assembly Required?: No
  • Hardware: Round ring pulls. Can be build without any pulls if requested.
  • Length: 25"
  • Width: 15"
  • Height: 72"
  • Wood Availability: Shelf can be built in reclaimed wood or new wood.
  • Finish: Available in medium wax or gray white wash.
  • Free shipping

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